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Havana International Festival Of Ballet 2018 Correct Dates: October 28 – November 6 Posted in July 24, 2018

Havana International Festival of Ballet 2018

We just got a note from our friends at the Cuban National Ballet asking us to please publish the correct dates of the Havana International Festival of Ballet 2018.  Apparently the dates Google is publishing are incorrect.  So for the record:

The Havana International Festival of Ballet 2018 dates are October 28 – November 6.

At Havana VIP we are very proud to support the Cuban National Ballet which has for years allowed our clients special access to special fly-on-the-wall visits to the Cuban National Ballet’s practice rooms, and the best seats available whenever our clients want to attend their performances.

Even if you’re not a huge dance lover, the Havana International Festival of Ballet is one of the funnest events you can attend in Cuba.  Don’t think for a minute that it’s a week of stuffy-snooty ballet.  They invite tons of dance companies of all different styles from all over the world, so the selection of performances is actually very eclectic.  And there are always chances for interaction with the dancers and choreographers on the sidelines, either informally at parties and receptions, or formally at the chats and panels they offer. It’s a really good event to customize your itinerary for our Long Weekend in Havana our our Eight Night Best of Cuba Trip.

If you want to go to Havana for the the Havana International Festival of Ballet 2018 please contact us right away.  The (correct) dates are coming right up, and our supply of seats and passes is limited. We usually sell-out.

If you want to read more information, here’s the rough translation:

Official Statement of Havana International Festival of Ballet 2018:

One of the most traditional and prestigious events in the world of dance, with more than half a century of history, the International Ballet Festival of Havana “Alicia Alonso” will be dedicated, in its 26th edition, to celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, host company of this important event. This event will be held from October 28 to November 6 and not as Google announces wrongly (we attach image).

This event, chaired by the prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso, will bring together the first figures and the famous dance corps of the National Ballet of Cuba, along with stars and invited groups from other countries, who will star in the shows and will be interpreters of the premieres of choreographic pieces by national and foreign authors.

One of the particularities of the program is the great season dedicated to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the stage debut of Alicia Alonso in Giselle, which will be assumed by leading Cuban figures and stars of the world of dance.

This Festival, of biennial character, will have among its main venues the Gran Teatro de La Habana “Alicia Alonso”, the National Theater [Salas Avellaneda y Covarrubias], the Mella Theater and the Martí Theater, where companies such as Ballet del Gran will be presented Theater of Geneva, National Ballet of Prague, Danish Dance Theater, Stars of American Ballet (Daniel Ulbricht, Teresa Reichlen, Ask la Cour, Sterling Hyltin, Adrian DanchigWaring, Joseph Gatti, Danielle Diniz, Indiana Woodward, Antonina Skobina, Denys Drozdyuk and Gonzalo Garcia), as well as the dancers of the American Ballet Theater: Hee Seo, Isabella Boylston, Alban Lendorf, Cory Stearns; of the Ballet of the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires: Camila Bocca, Juan Pablo Ledo, Macarena Giménez and Maximiliano Iglesias, and Joaquín de Luz, of the New York City Ballet; Rasta Thomas, international star; Rainer Krenstetter, from the Maimi City Ballet and Marian Walter, from the Munich Ballet, among many others.

Various actions will be carried out parallel to the Festival, which will offer as a special option a ballet technique course for professionals, teachers and advanced level students. There will also be exhibitions in galleries of the capital, and lectures, book presentations, and there will be various philatelic events, such as First Day cancellations alluding to the 70th Anniversary of the National Ballet of Cuba, as well as several remembrances about events that have to do with with the history of the company.

The 26. International Ballet Festival of Havana “Alicia Alonso” is a unique moment for artistic exchange between leading figures of the world of dance, personalities, critics, specialists and businessmen, as well as an exceptional opportunity for lovers of this event . Once again, this festival of choreographic art endorses the thought of Alejo Carpentier, who expresses: “The spirit of dance is inseparable from the human condition.”

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Joerg Schicker

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Jane Hammond

We have just returned from a trip to Cuba, arranged by Tony and HavanaVIP. Three couples traveled to Trinidad and Havana, with a particular focus on upcoming Cuban artists. Every plan and arrangement happened flawlessly - guides and drivers were always on time, helpful and endlessly cheerful. Ernesto was our first guide in Trinidad, and he could not have given us a nicer introduction to this amazing country - both the history, and the social state of things today. Attending...

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Nick Nicastro

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Alain Rossmann

A memorable experience, great planning and local execution by Havana VIP.

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Glo Harris

My daughter and I travelled together. She was celebrating her 50th BIRTHDAY. From beginning to end this 5 day trip was magical: planning with Tony was seamless, he took care of each detail just as we discussed, his knowledge of Havana was thorough and his attitude patient and sensitive...and I can be annoying with myriad questions. The guides were the best we have had anywhere, the accommodations on the Malecon comfortable. We particularly enjoyed going to individual artists' galleries, most...

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Santiago Hermes Martínez Zerquera

La Galería Santiago Hermes considera que la agencia Havana VIP realiza un buen trabajo en la promoción de la autenticidad cubana

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We just got back from Cuba and we highly recommend Havana VIP. The quality of the trip was first rate. The guides and drivers were just great and all went out of their way to make our trip run smoothly. The accommodations were all comfortable and we enjoyed our conversations with our hosts. We felt like we really got to see a variety of cities, towns, and countryside. We traveled with two doctors and the guide arranged for us to...

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Martel Angelo Postell
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Jacqueline Postell

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Lisa Mastronardi

Imagine hosting 25 friends and family in Havana in August for a 50th birthday celebration. Imagine most of these guys are well traveled, international, seasoned jet setters and you are going to try and wow them with a great adventure. What is a girl to do? Hire the best.

The Havana VIP team both in the US and in Havana knocked it out of the park.

Great housing, fantastic excursions, customized itinerary, amazing experiences,...

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Brocky OA

Tony & Havana VIP Tours did an outstanding job from inquiry to finish. We couldn't have asked for more. We were 8 people traveling (4 cousins) whose grandmother & aunts & uncles lived in Havana for 4 years prior to being allowed to enter the US from 1922 - 1926. So we decided to visit where they lived. My wife found the address & we said let's go. We contacted Tony and explained about our journey that we wanted. Tony...

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Nancy Pettersen

From our first conversation with Tony we felt we were in the right hands. He listened to what we wanted down to small details like food and music, customizing our trip for 4 adults. The wonderful Cuban people who guided us through Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and Havana were interesting and a great highlight, even down to our Havana driver Pedro who was so much fun. We found our days informative, educational and great fun filled with history, culture and the arts...

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Elizabeth Furst Frank

Tony organized a fantastic family visit to Havana for us. Magalys was a wonderful guide - full of information, always on time, and very friendly. Lidice gave a family cooking lesson in traditional Cuban food. And we loved our family salsa dancing lesson as well. We highly recommend Tony and his team.

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Lj Pruitt

I struggled with finding a tour operator that understood the new laws for Americans to legally travel to Cuba. I called Havana VIP Tours and was pleasantly surprised to speak with someone that knew more than me – Tony. In addition, it was clear that Tony had a deep knowledge of places and things to do in Cuba.

We are a family of 4 ranging in age from 15 years to 83 years. Our interests are...

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James West III

Having traveled extensively, allow me to say that in all aspects the service provided by Havana VIP Tours was the probably the best in all aspects; Communication, Logistics,Transportation, Lodging, On the ground support services, and, well, everything. Tony laid out what was to be offered in the Tour package, and unlike many in the business, he delivered to the most minute of details. His coordination of Flights was well taken care of, as well as necessary Visas. He communicated what...

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Mercedes Sera
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Paul Audia

An amazing experience from start to finish.

From the planning of the trip to the people we met and guided us through the country, this was an educational and informative trip filled with Cuban culture, history, and Art.

I'm not big on planned trips but I am so glad we found you and your team for this experience! Thank you!

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Deisy Suarez

Tony is the best ! He arranged a 5 day havana tour for me and my friends. We stayed at a private house and ate at the best local places. Our driver was amazing and couldn't recommend any other concierge company in havana. Our experience was truly magical and unique.

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Stephanie Marsh
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Linda Meier

Tony arranged a 2 1/2 week custom visit to Cuba in March for four couples. We stayed only in "casas", frequently ate in private restaurants, visited with families and were very pleased with our itinerary. I would agree that of all the wonderful experiences we had, the people themselves and their stories and friendliness were the highlight. I would highly recommend using Havana VIP to organize a customized trip free of hassle and complete with backup support should it be...

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Jennifer Brandenburg

Our visit to Cuba was a fabulous experience. We learned so much about its interesting history, rich arts and culture through a very full and diverse set of daily activities. Our interactions with Cuban people were insightful. The trip took a lot of advance planning and precise scheduling by Tony and his Havana VIP Tours team. Our guides and drivers, as well as our hosts at the casa particulares, all took good care of us – special recognition for Hector,...

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Pat Topitzer

Tony arranged our 8 day visit and he completely hit itout of the park. We presented something of a challenge... 2 no-longer-young grandparents with their 23 year old granddaughter. and one of us had some significant physical challenges as well. Between the guides and the drivers, the lodgings, restaurant recommendations, the itinerary, I cannot imagine we could have been any more thrilled with our first visit to Cuba, The people, of course, are the major draw in our view, but...

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C Cybele Raver

Tony and his team were terrific- we felt lucky to be so fully immersed in art, culture, and history while visiting Havana and Trinidad. Tony listened closely to our preferences and interests, providing us with excellent itinerary, superb guest-house stays, talented and engaging tour guides, and warm and helpful drivers for ground transport.

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