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2021 Havana Biennial of Fine Art Opens November 21 Posted in October 17, 2020

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We were informed today by ARTempo that the 14th Havana Biennial of Fine Art opens November 21, 2021.  ARTempo will continue its role as the the non-profit coordinator for English language collateral participation in the Havana Biennial, and Havana VIP will once again act as ARTempo’s official travel provider.  ARTempo is the non-profit organization that publishes the companion book to the Havana Biennial, “Cutting Edge Art in Havana“.

The Wifredo Lam Center, the institution, which produces the Havana Biennial, announced the theme of 2021 Havana Biennial with be “Futuro y Contemporaneidad” which translates as “Future and Contemporaneity”.  The Biennial Team has informed us that the 14th Havana Biennial of Fine Art will be extended from it’s traditional 4 week format to 60-90 days which means that the event should overlap with the Havana Festival de Ballet Internacional, the Havana Festival of Latin American Film, and the Havana jazz festival also known as Jazz Plaza.  We hope that this long-awaited schedule move will provide international travelers a full calendar of options to engage directly with all aspects of Cuba’s creative culture.

Cuban artist Kadir Lopez told Havana VIP “2020 has been a horrible year of loss and hardship here in Cuba, and all around the world. Hopefully by next November all of us, artists, art lovers, everyone who appreciates our diverse but universal culture, we can all join together again.” We at Havana VIP agree wholeheartedly with our friend Kadir!

We’ll have much more to say about the 2021 Havana Biennial of Fine Art very soon.  Expect Havana VIP to provide elite level tour, travel, and event planning for the 2021 Havana Biennial of Fine Art.

2021 will be Havana VIP’s 10th anniversary. As always Havana VIP will give all of our travelers insider access to the best that the 14th Havana Biennial of Fine Art will offer.

Stay tuned for more!!!

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