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Cuban Cooking Class Havana VIP
Cuban Cooking Class Marketplace Havana VIP Cuban Cooking Class Marketplace Havana VIP Cuban Cooking Class Havana VIP Cuban Cooking Class Havana VIP


Cuban Cooking Class & Marketplace Adventure.

This fun half-day experience, our Cuban Cooking Class, is one of our most popular and most immersive activities. An English-speaking Cuban mom, not a fancy chef, takes you to the marketplace to buy the ingredients, then teaches you how to cook authentic Cuban cuisine.

This Cuban Cooking Class is really a great way to learn about Cuban daily living and begins first thing in the morning when our home-cooking expert mom, meets you at your lodgings and takes you to an Agro-Mercado, the fruit, vegetable, and meat markets where Cuban people purchase their food.  At the Agro, the first thing you’ll do is tour the Agro to see what ingredients are available, and plan your meal. Then you’ll convert your money from CUC to CUP, the national currency the Cuban people use for their daily needs known as Moneda Nacional to purchase the ingredients.  Once you’ve purchased everything, back to home, and start cooking!

AgroMercado in Havana Cuba

This 4-5 hour Cuban Cooking Class adventure is a great way to get a glimpse of daily Cuban life, as well as to broaden your culinary skills.

[Note: The costs for the food and ingredients is not included and will be paid by you out-of-pocket.]

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