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Cuban Fiesta Campesina

Cuban Fiesta Campesina Party Havana VIP
Cuban Fiesta Campesina Havana VIP Cuban Fiesta Campesina Havana VIP Fiesta Campesina Cubana Musicians Havana VIP Fiesta Campesina Cubana Havana VIP


Our Cuban Fiesta Campesina is a rollicking afternoon of great food, live music, and good times in a traditional party the way it’s done in the Cuban countryside. Like everything we do at Havana VIP, this is a private exclusive event just for you, your friends and family.  For parties of four people or more the menu is based around the most traditional Cuban delicacy – a whole fire-roasted pig, plus all the usual side dishes, like rice and beans, salad, tamales, and yuca in garlic.  Of course if you prefer chicken or fish or some other main course we will happily substitute it for your tastes.

Live music is usually provided by a local group semi-professional musicians who will play a selection of classic Cuban Fiesta Campesina party tunes.  And feel free to join in!  In the past Havana VIP clients have brought out harmonicas, guitars, bongos even once a trumpet, and jammed right along with the musicians. Dancing is encouraged too, after all it’s Cuba!

Our Cuban Fiesta Campesina is one of Havana VIP’s most popular activities, and we strongly encourage you to add it to your itinerary.

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