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Cuba Travel Insurance Posted in February 18, 2016

Cuban Travel Insurance Havana VIP Tours

All travelers to Cuba are required to purchase a specific Cuba travel insurance policy.  The purpose of this travelers health insurance is to reimburse the Cuban National Public Health system for treatment costs for any traveler who might need medical care while in the country. Non-U.S. travelers (for example Canadian or European citizens) may provide proof of their own Cuba travel insurance that will provide such reimbursement, but U.S. travelers are required to purchase coverage provided by Asistur S.A. which is the insurance arm of Asistur, the Cuban Government agency that provides emergency assistance to foreign tourists while in Cuba. Additionally, while we don’t require it, we at Havana VIP recommend that everyone traveling on our trips purchase trip interruption and cancellation coverage from Allianz Global Services, a long-standing leader in providing coverage for Cuban travel.  To get the best rates from Allianz, feel free to use our reference number ACCAM:  F204678.

When traveling on our trips, U.S. travelers flying directly to Cuba from the United States all have the required Asistur Cuba travel insurance automatically.  This cost is embedded in the flight tickets we provide you.  Anyone traveling on our trips to Cuba via a third country (for example Mexico, Canada, or Bahamas) does not have the required coverage, and can and should purchase it from the Asistur desk in the airport arrival area before passport control.  If you have any question about your coverage upon arrival in Cuba, just ask the uniformed Cuban Immigration personnel, and they’ll be direct you.

U.S. travelers to Cuba are required to purchase the “Special” level of coverage which includes the following benefits:

Medical Expenses Due to Illness or Accident $25,000
Repatriation or Transport
Ill, Injured, or Deceased Person
Civil Responsibility (Loan)   $5,000
Death or Permanent Disability
LuggageDelay      $200
LuggageMaterial Loss      $500
Loss of documents
Arrangement Fees
Flight – Delay or Cancellation      $100


For travelers 70 years or over, death is not covered, except death from an accident while traveling on public transport.

In order to access these benefits of your Cuba travel insurance while in Cuba, travelers must contact Asistur.  In the case of a medical emergency, travelers should go immediately to the nearest hospital.  You will be asked to provide your passport and proof of coverage (in the case of those traveling direct from the U.S., proof would be your air ticket.) Havana VIP Tours guides, drivers, and lodging hosts all know what to do in case of medical emergency.  Non-medical emergency benefits needs (for example Loss of Documents) should contact Asistur directly.

Asistur Contact information:

Office Address:  Prado # 208 entre calles Colón y Trocadero

Habana Vieja. Ciudad Habana.

Telephones: (+53 7) 866-8527, 866-8920, 866-8339, 866-4121, 867-1315

E-mail: asistur@asistur.cu

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